Launched in 2017, Crown Bay Management operates and maintains the multifamily communities acquired by Crown Bay Group. Under the leadership of Director Michelle Fischer, the subsidiary ensures that the properties are governed as efficiently and financially aggressively as possible in order to increase net operating income and force value appreciation. Crown Bay Management is an integral part of the lifecycle of each multifamily investment. Even before the property is purchased, our experienced team is onsite performing due diligence:
  • property profile: photos, floor plans, site plans, brochures, market analysis
  • residential data: lease audit, rent roll analysis, resident profile, utility audit
  • inspections: all units, exterior walls, roof, safety compliance; summary of needed capital improvements
  • maintenance review: work order process, recurring maintenance problems, parking issues, resolution recommendation
  • operating budgets: year-one proposed, year-to-date actual, payroll, 12-month concessions gross potential rent
  • operations: lease expirations, service contracts, outstanding service orders, staff schedule, property inventory + needs, lease audit
  • property taxes: two-year review, appeal, two-year loss run, insurance certificates
  • market data: market survey, comparable analysis
  • analysis: current leases, management, deferred maintenance, contractor repairs

Once the property is acquired, our leadership seamlessly executes the business plan overseeing all capital work, contractor negotiations, renovations and staff. The management team utilizes OneSite®, a web-based operating system, to monitor resident relations, service requests, leasing activity, turnover schedules and occupancy, and provides real-time financial reporting to investors.

Services include:

  • purchase + vendor management
  • property maintenance
  • reporting
  • tax + insurance negotiation
  • marketing

For all property-specific issues and maintenance requests, please contact your onsite property manager.

For more information about our management services: contact info@crownbaymanagement.com.